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I am primarily a sadist, with a penchant for pain training, the crossing of mental boundaries, imprisonment, and humiliation.

I will lock you away and delight in so-doing. And you will find me deep inside you as I dig and dig and stoke fears within you. You will experience with me everything that makes your heart pulsate, and discover everything within you that is fighting to come out.

I have no interest in cliched posturing and normal SM rules. For me, this is not a game - I do not slip into a role. I am the way I am and I live how I desire! And you will quickly learn that behind a little smile can also lurk a malicious intent. Dare you come to me, slave ?

My time is reserved for those who, in my opinion, are well-suited to me. My emphasis is quality, not quantity.

Sessions with me are possible from 24 hours up to one week. A timely appointment is essential. I take requests only by mail at: madame (at) celeste-de-monial.com.

You can learn more about me from my web-site: www.celeste-de-monial.com

Warning: Encounters at the Chalet of Pain are suitable only for hardliners who want to be forced physically and mentally beyond their limits. Violent torture, bloody games, extreme humiliation, brainwashing, imprisonment, forced feeding - in short the absolute surrender of self.

Taboos: Intimate contact, pony-play, face-sitting, lust and licking slavery, cuckoldry, vomit, drugs, stimulants, barefoot erotic play, heavy rubber, adult babies, and cigarettes.

Note that Madame Celeste de Monial works on an independent basis and is available in the Chalet of Pain by appointment.

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