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New Chalet of Pain

New Chalet of Pain

The Chalet of Pain (COP) has a new home and is now of a hitherto unparalleled scale, located across a large rural estate near Dortmund.

And with the new location comes new possibilities, greater in number than ever before. In the COP, you can truly discover yourself.

Horrors include dark and cold dungeons, narrow cells, and hidden holes as far as the eye can see. This rust-coloured hell on earth is approximately 9,000 square feet in area

Will I even find all of the prisoners in this place ? Will I forget you? Will my beagles have to search out the convicts ?

Don't worry. I ensure my guests are free from this worry. There are cameras! You feel observed ? How often will I look at my monitors to enjoy the power I have over you ? When am I watching, on my screens of horror, taking joy in your torment ? You will never know.

You must step up to my challenges and give your all. Otherwise things could quickly become much worse for you. My creativity and imagination are at least as great as the physical scale of the COP itself. And this huge and isolated estate is the perfect place for me to live out my own secret desires and my darkest fantasies in terms of what I will do to you. My desire to make you suffer is insatiable. I have finally found my dream home. My paradise, your hell. You only need to enter !

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